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Wings by Kau95 Wings :iconkau95:Kau95 0 0
Teach me how to love you...
Teach me.
Teach me how to love you, the way you want to be loved.
I'm sorry for being bratty, being childish, for giggling like a child. I'm sorry for getting on your nerves, or hugging you to tightly or even kissing you to often. I'm sorry if I don't treat you, the way you should be treated.
Teach me, please.
I'm scared. I'm lost. I'm confused. I'm.. I'm a foal, trying to find its feet in a new world. So many times I stumble, falling on my ass and wondering if I should keep trying. For so long, its been me and no you. No anyone. I don't know how to love someone because no ones ever been this close. I thought I knew how to love but I have no clue.
I hope to a higher being, if there is one, that you can feel the way I care about you, adore you, cherish you in the little things I do. I hope you feel it when I run your fingers through your hair. I pray you feel it when I kiss you, or bid you goodnight when I wrapped up in your blankets. I beg that you feel it when I'm not there.
Teach me
:iconkau95:Kau95 0 0
I need to know.
I want your confirmation.
I want your recognition.
I want to know..
Do I make you happy?
Do I please you?
Do I make you feel amazing?
Do I...
Do I make you feel warm, like how I feel when I'm in your arms?
Do I make you feel cared for like when you run your fingers along my jawbone before pressing your lips against mine so softly it tickles?
Do I hold off the cold like you do for me by weaving your fingers between mine, palm to palm?
Tell me, I want to know. Let me know. Speak up and tell me. Show me how much I mean to you..
Do I mean as much to you, as you do to me?
Or am I a fad?
A new toy?
Sometime to play with till you get bored?
Am I someone worthy of showing off to your friends?
Or am I something to show off to your friends?
Tell me. I want to know....
I need to know.
:iconkau95:Kau95 1 0
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 1:07 AM

Deformed Freak Bron Without A Penis.…

NORFOLK, VA—In an alarming case that has baffled and repulsed many, sources confirmed Tuesday that a severely deformed freak born without a penis has managed to live with the condition for over 26 years.

The bizarre, monstrous human specimen was reportedly born with no other noticeable maladies and has, amazingly enough, attempted to lead a normal, albeit severely impaired life despite possessing no male genitalia whatsoever.

“We first noticed something was off about three months into the pregnancy, and I was of course horrified,” said Dr. Mark Joules, the obstetrician who delivered the grotesque—some would say subhuman—abhorrence of nature. “You could clearly see in the ultrasound that a penis and testicles were not developing as one would hope—or at all, in fact—and we immediately knew something was terribly, terribly wrong.”

“Had we caught it earlier, we most likely would have recommended that the pregnancy be terminated,” Joules continued. “But it was unfortunately too late at that point, so we were forced to deliver the baby as planned and just pray that it could get by in that state. We did our best, but with such a horrible and incredibly crippling deformity, there wasn’t much hope to be had.”

According to reports, the sadly disfigured 26-year-old’s quality of life has been greatly diminished due to such a condition. Sources said the abnormal, visibly blemished creature has been repeatedly passed over for employment opportunities, frequently gawked at and harassed on the street by total strangers, and has faced near constant discrimination for over two decades, all due to the horrific and debilitating birth defect.

Indeed, many are reportedly unable to look past the glaring deformity and simply see the 26-year-old as a human being.

“Whoa, look at that,” said 31-year-old onlooker Grant Megson, who, like many others, gawked at the freakish human anomaly while passing by on the sidewalk. “I don’t mean to stare, but honestly, it’s hard not to. Jesus Christ.”

“I just wish some of my buddies were here to see this,” added Megson, smiling and taking one last look before continuing with his day.

Sources confirmed that, unfortunately, such cases are actually quite common, with roughly one in every two babies afflicted with the lifelong disfigurement.

However, that is reportedly little consolation to the malformed specimen’s father, who told reporters that a day doesn’t go by in which he doesn’t wish his child was born a normal, healthy baby with male genitalia.

“Sadly, because the deformity is so obvious, our child was treated very differently from all the other kids,” the father told reporters, admitting that he was incredibly upset and disappointed when he first learned that his baby would be born a freak, one to be mistreated and viewed as inferior its whole life. “Even though the doctors explained all the incredible challenges and prejudice the poor thing would face, I don’t think it really sunk in until after the birth, when I saw the disfigurement with my own eyes. You never want your child to have to grow up that way.”

“But what can you do?” he added. “I’m just thankful that my other two kids weren’t born like that.”


This make a huge point. It's written perfectly! If you didn't understand, this person was born female. 


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